(Beta tester needed) Custom Charts ✨

Hey everyone,

We’re thrilled to tell you that we’re working on Custom Charts!

Instead of HighCharts, we will be using Vega-lite (A High-Level Grammar of Interactive Graphics | Vega-Lite) to render the visualizations.

Since this is quite a dramatic move, we’re looking for some beta testers to help us improve this feature.

If you’re interested, please let us know your tenant’s name via our email: [email protected].


Kudos to the visualization team, this feature is incredible, I just created a new viz type in less than 30 minutes :love_you_gesture:




Great stuff @anthonytd !

Any word on when Beta testers might be able to get their hands on it? :slight_smile:

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+1 on the ETA question. Y’all are teasing us with this :joy:

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Hey @david-ri , @sm_mk , we’ve enabled it for your tenants and sent you an email with instruction, please help check :wink:

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Hi @tuan.nguyen , I’m just getting started with trying this out, after being on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Would you be OK with me setting up a thread on this forum to capture thoughts / experience / questions etc?

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That would be amazing! Please feel free to host any thread!