Custom Charts Beta - Feedback Thread

With a few of us now beta testing Custom Charts, I thought it might be useful to have a thread to share feedback & ask questions, as I’m sure many of us will have the come across similar problems.

I need to spend a little more time with it, but some of my initial thoughts:

  • Will the ability to create custom charts be extended beyond ‘Admin’ role? I would say that anyone with Analyst permission should be able to create them. (Ideally, it might be a separate permission we can grant, but certainly shouldn’t be an ‘admin’ role)

  • A lot of the visualisations from Vega-Lite allow you to apply additional parameters (for example, for a histogram, setting the number of bins). rather than hard-coding these values, and for these custom charts to truely be re-usable, we need to be able to create a new user-input field for these parameters, and then pass that value through to the definition. (I can create a new input field, but this forces the user to select a field from the dataset which isn’t what we want here)

  • Be good if we could apply our existing colour palette to the chart rather needing to hard-code this.

  • longer term, being able to store these definitions in our github repo alongside our AML models would be preferable

Hey David,
Just on your second point (and maybe third) - have a look at the option definition properties (here: Custom Chart properties | Holistics Docs). I managed to set up 2 color pickers for a gradient area graph, it should be pretty simple to set up a number input to choose the number of bins. Then you would just reference the option value in the Vega Lite encoding.
For reference, it looks like this in my code:
The options block:

  options {
    option color1 {
      label: 'Color 1'
      type: 'color-picker'
      default_value: 'darkgreen'

Then to reference it in the Vega Lite JSON encoding:

 "mark": {
    "type": "area",
    "tooltip": true,
    "line": {
      "color": @{options.color1.value} 
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Thanks @Ian_McLaren , I’d completely missed that - yes this absolutely solves that problem!