City / Zip Code Mapping for the US

Ability to use City & Zip codes for “Filled Map” visualization in the US.

Looking through I don’t see anyone requesting the addition of cities & zip codes for the US for the “Filled Map” visualization. Last I spoke to the support team it was something being considered, but haven’t heard or seen any news on that since so I wanted to post and see if others would also benefit from this sooner rather than later.

Hi Joe,

The Zip Codes data is not directly supported by Holistics, however, you can use our “Custom Map” feature to build your own map and the Zip Code location type.

Though this requires a few technical works so let me know if you need our help to build your own map.



This is great for a current solution. Thanks!

Having now spent some time working with this I have additional suggestions around this topic:

  1. Holistics shared repository for GeoJSON files. (Within “Add a Custom Map” in additional settings it give users the option to browse community approved/used files)

  2. 10mb limit is pretty small, please increase when possible. I can’t even fit the zip code mapping for a single US state in most cases.

  3. Similar to #1, but with the most common used custom maps could be a specifically Holisitcs sponsored custom maps options for ones that you find most helpful and could take ownership of maintaining

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Hey Joe,

Appreciate the suggestions! We also have a plan for a shared library of custom charts (Beta: Custom Charts (Beta tester needed) 📊 - #2 by anthonytd), maybe we can integrate the custom maps here as well.

Let me check with our team to see if increasing the size limit is feasible.


Checking back in here to ask about progress on:

  1. GeoJSON file size limit - the limit is still about 10mb which is definitely not enough for any real zip code mapping in the US.
  2. Shared library of custom maps - my current workaround includes using county mapping by state. However, it is very inconvenient to have to create a new GeoJSON file for every state and to toggle through a list of 50 custom states.

Hope to hear back soon if there’s been any progress. Thanks!

We are experiencing the exact same problem. We are trying to load the geoJson for Texas…10Mb is way too small. We have spent hours trying to map Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston MSAs and even that is too big. Status?

Hi Seth,

Currently, we are still having some performance and reliability concerns with the size limit.
Thus, we have not decided to increase the size limit in-app yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Instead, in case you would like to upload custom geoJson files that are larger than 10MB, please kindly submit a Support request to us via 👨‍🔬 Submit Support Ticket (Holistics) and we will look into uploading the file manually for you.