Beta: Custom Charts (Beta tester needed) 📊

Hey everyone,

We’re thrilled to tell you that we’re working on Custom Charts!

Instead of HighCharts, we will be using Vega-lite (A High-Level Grammar of Interactive Graphics | Vega-Lite) to render the visualizations.

Since this is quite a dramatic move, we’re looking for some beta testers to help us improve this feature.

If you’re interested, please Submit a Support form to request enabling this feature, along with your tenant’s name :raised_hands:t2:.


Kudos to the visualization team, this feature is incredible, I just created a new viz type in less than 30 minutes :love_you_gesture:




Great stuff @anthonytd !

Any word on when Beta testers might be able to get their hands on it? :slight_smile:

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+1 on the ETA question. Y’all are teasing us with this :joy:

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Hey @david-ri , @sm_mk , we’ve enabled it for your tenants and sent you an email with instruction, please help check :wink:

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Hi @tuan.nguyen , I’m just getting started with trying this out, after being on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Would you be OK with me setting up a thread on this forum to capture thoughts / experience / questions etc?

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That would be amazing! Please feel free to host any thread!

The custom charts already got me out of a situation when we couldn’t order the layers in an area chart. However, is there a timeline for when these will render on PDF exports?


That’s awesome, @Alex_H :clap:t2:
Can you share some tips on how you managed to order the layers in an area chart with custom charts?

About the PDF exports: Yes, I hear you. And we’re actively working on it, actually. It’s expected to arrive in about 2-3 weeks, along with the official release :muscle:t2:


Brilliant - this is how bottom-up layers were implemented in the custom layer chart.

CustomChart {
  fields {
    field field_1 {
      type: "dimension"
      label: "Horizontal Axis"
    field field_2 {
      type: "dimension"
      label: "Legend"
    field field_3 {
      type: "measure"
      label: "Value"
  options {
  template: @vgl {
    "$schema": "",
    "width": 300, "height": 200,
    "data": {"values": @{values}},
    "mark": {"type":"area","opacity":0.6, "stroke":"black","strokeOpacity":{"expr": "0.6"}, "strokeWidth":2},
    "encoding": {
      "x": {
        "timeUnit": "yearmonth", "field":  @{},
        "axis": {"formatType": "time", "title":@{}}
      "y": {
        "aggregate": "sum", "field":  @{},
      "color": {
        "field": @{},
        "scale": {"scheme": "category20b"},
        "legend":{"orient": "bottom", "formatType":"time",   "columns":12 }
      "order": {"field":@{}, "sort": "ascending" }

Hi @vu.duong,

Is also Histogram possible now?

Hi @Abdel,
Absolutely, you can now create Histogram using Custom charts! Would you like to try out this feature in its Beta phase?
Also, we are going to release it officially (finally) soon in the next few days, along with several improvements. But you can still request the “early access” to try now :slightly_smiling_face:

Update on this: We’re finishing some interactive capabilities for custom charts, so the official launch might be delay for a couple of weeks. But in the meantime, you can still request to enable the beta for your tenant :muscle:t2:

Hi @vu.duong
Please add our tenant to beta testing for custom charts. I assume this will not affect any other charts right?

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Sure thing, @Abdel! Let me add your tenant to the beta testing list really quick. I’ll also send out an email to you on notes & guides for this Beta version.

And yes, all Holistics’ default viz types will remain available, so no effect on your current reports. Cheers! :beers:

Hello @vu.duong, I want to use Custom charts to build Histogram, can you add my team to be able to use this feature?

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Hi @Quang_Ng, absolutely :+1:t2:
Could you help submit a support ticket for your request, including the name of the tenant(s) you want this feature enabled for?

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@vu.duong Can you share where I can submit a support ticket? sorry I’m new here

Hello @Quang_Ng !

After logging into Holistics, click on the Help “?” icon at the top-right and you can select “Contact Support” from the drop-down menu.

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