Shared Custom Charts in the Community

I’m pretty inspired by Launched: Custom Charts 📊

I’m in the process of creating a couple custom charts using the holistics GitHub as a starting point. I think it would be interesting to have a “community charts” options where we could browse and import custom charts defined by community members. Sort of like community plugins for Obsidian.

If anyone has a repo, share it.

Here’s my fork, i’ll make pull requests back to the community from here.

Please Share!


Hey @Matt_Stone! Thanks a bunch for sharing your custom charts repo with our Community!

Just wanted to let you know, the Holistics team also has a repo right here: GitHub - holistics/custom-chart-library: Holistics' Custom Chart Library. We’re always thrilled to receive contributions to this repo!

And hey, if anyone else out there has a repo, feel free to share it too!



I noticed that many/most of the custom chart templates explicitly set height and or width of the visualization like this:

  template: @vgl
    "$schema": "",
    "width": 1000,
    "height": 600,
    "autosize": "none",

Is there a way to make the chart auto-size to the shape of the grid element of the dashboard, similar to the way core charts work?

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  • For vega-lite charts, Holistics will automatically try to enable auto-size, you won’t have to define width, height for them
  • For vega charts, you will have to handle auto-size manually using "autosize": "fit" and resize signals handling. For example:
template: @vg {
  "$schema": "",
  "autosize": "fit",
  "signals": [
      "name": "width",
      "init": "containerSize()[0]",
      "on": [{ "events": "window:resize", "update": "containerSize()[0]" }]
      "name": "height",
      "init": "containerSize()[1]",
      "on": [{ "events": "window:resize", "update": "containerSize()[1]" }]
  "params": [
      "bind": "..."

Thanks, I forked the repo from holistics and started making PRs – you’ve already pulled a couple in. I think I’ll delete my personal repo and just contribute to the main.


Creating Custom Gauge Chart using Custom Charts

Hi folks,

I just made a new Custom Chart template to create Custom Gauge Chart. With this, you’ll have slightly more control over the styling of the ring, label, and color.


Check it out in the Custom Charts Library repo:

If you have any ideas on how to make it even better, feel free to share!



I have created a Treemap template too, please check it out here: custom-chart-library/treemap at main · holistics/custom-chart-library · GitHub