Query Parameters for Dynamic Dimensions, Measures, and more

Problems and Use-cases

Dynamically modifying the query result returned from data exploration according to dashboard consumer input.


Proposed Solution: Query Parameter

Allow Admins/Analysts to define parameters that can inject a value to SQL/AML and dynamically change the output of the queries.

  1. Define a Query Parameter in a Data Model (or an AML project - TBD) with a set of allowed values
  2. Inject the Query Parameter to AML objects such as Dimension, Measure, Business Calculation, etc.
  3. Create a Query Parameter Filter in dashboards or visualizations to allow data consumers to change the query results according to the selected filter value

This feature is under the discovery phase and highly prioritized. We are looking for more feedback and use-cases from the community, please don’t hesitate to share them below

Fantastic to hear this is highly prioritised. Would also be good to be able to set parameters dynamically via user attributes.


Oh yeah, thanks for the suggestion, almost forgot about the user attributes, just added to the potential use-case :ok_hand:


Would this be also appliccable for switching between datasource schema’s, based on the user attribute? See example AML below with the schema parameter

Model model_name {
  type: 'table'
  label: "Model Label"
  data_source_name: 'data_source_name'
  table_name: '"{{@schemaparam}}"."table_name"'

Yeah, it should be, can call it dynamic schema


Is this feature available to be activated on our account or not yet?

Hi Abdel, not yet. As mentioned in the original post, this feature is still under research & development.