How to dynamically change column that is used for a measure based on a filter/parameter

We have built 4 different attribution models for our website data. My goal is to build dashboards, where there is a filter/parameter/attribute where the user can choose their preferred attribution model.

The logic would be as follows in the aml code:

I have 4 hidden dimensions for each of the attribution models.
I have a measure defined with aml code, where I use a case when statement to select between the different dimensions to sum.

I cannot figure out how to define the variable that contains the selected attribution model.
Essentially I am looking for something similar to what you can do in Looker with parameters: parameter

btw, is there a full documentation somewhere of all possible things to do with aml code (a repo or something similar)? I find the documentation to be a bit limited still.

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Thanks for sharing @mabr . Unfortunately, we don’t support this at the moment. However, this feature is highly prioritized in our roadmap for 2022.

We created a feature suggestion topic to discuss more use-cases, please feel free to upvote or share your feedback

Sounds good. Looking forward to the release of this feature