More custom styling options for a dashboard/report

We have been facing a surge of requests on Styling Customization Options recently. Some requests we received up to now is to allow users to change:

  • Font family and font size of titles, axes, content, etc. in dashboards/reports;
  • Colors, such as dashboard themes and visualizations’ colors (table, pivot, cohort retention, etc.);
  • Dashboard display (or resizing) mode: Resolution adjustment?

If that’s what your team is also looking for, feel free to upvote this topic :small_red_triangle:, share with us your use cases and your priority as well :blush:

This is really needed. I’d add null titles and table column sizing options and/or locks.

hi @sm_mk
You can upvote for the table column resizing request here: Ability to resize columns of Table/Pivot. Please help me share more detail about your case in this post :blush:

In the meantime, what did you mean “null title” and “locks”?

By null title/label i mean the ability to make the title or label nothing. Right now I use custom label and just put a space in it so no text appears which is just a work around. By locks I’m referring to locking columns in a table to a certain size or locking widgets to a set size so that they don’t change with resolution changes.

Great to see that you are working on this topic!

I also use the workaround of putting a space in the title/labels when I do not want it to be displayed. The default labels for legends look messy - I do not want the metric name to be displayed next to each and every label.

Custom colors for tables and cohorts would also be nice. The current color palette options suffice for me, but I do see that some charts can not use them yet. It looks weird when I have a dashboard where most charts follow our default colors, but there is one cohort retention that does not.