Resolution adjustment?

Anyone have tips on adjusting for resolution differences for end users? This is a shot of how I see a dashboard on the left and how my test end user sees it on her screen on the right. Big differences. I know PBI can adjust for resolution but does holistics have any options on that?

Hi @sm_mk
We don’t support any feature to adjust a dashboard based on the resolution, it’s always in the full-width mode at present. However, we are planning to support adjusting the display mode in the near future.
In case we can only support 1-2 display modes, which one do you think you need the most?

In the meantime, I’ll turn your question to a feature request so other members can upvote it as well: More custom styling options for a dashboard/report

Not sure I follow the question on which one I need the most. Basically if we can lock the widgets to a size and not shrink depending on resolution but shift maybe vertically that might work. My biggest issue right now is tables and the scroll bars. Widget can take up the whole page but table is still cutoff and still has scroll bars. The tables dont appear to adjust like other widgets do depending on resolution. I voted for that topic, definitely needed.