🚀 Holistics September 2022 Product Updates

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Let’s check what we’ve shipped to you this month!

Community Highlights

Before we dive in, here are some interesting topic we’ve handpicked for you:

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Support Data Format for Data Alert

No more inconsistency between Web UI and Emails data. Data alert emails now come with formatted instead of raw data.

API to get/ delete objects and get object’s dependencies

We are glad to announce that now you can:

  • Massively get, delete several objects (e.g: data sources, data models, etc.) with our API to get/ delete objects
  • Get the dependency information with our API to get object’s dependencies

For more information, please check our community post: Launched: API to get/ delete objects and get object’s dependencies

Git Integration Improvements (Holistics 4.0)

We understand that sometimes if you made a change that you don’t want to commit, you will end up committing that to proceed with other operations (switch branch or deploy).

Now, with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to discard the changes that you don’t want to commit.

For more information, please refer to our community post: Launched: Discard uncommitted changes

Edit SQL definition of Query Model

Previously, after creating the SQL model, you will be unable to edit its definition in the UI mode. Instead, you will have to switch to Code mode for that operation

We have solved this issue by supporting Edit SQL option right in the UI Mode of your SQL/Query Model. Your life will be much easier now.

For more information, please refer to our community post: Launched: Edit SQL definition of Query model

[Upcoming] Preview Reporting before Deploying (Holistics 4.0)

In Development Mode, you will be able to preview how the Modeling layer’s changes apply to the Reporting layer before deploying them to production with confidence.

This is beneficial for you to:

  • Check out all reporting items (in development mode) in the current working directory.
  • See how they are affected/modified by the new AML changes.
  • Check for models, datasets, reports, and row-level permissions that depend on or can be affected by AML models being developed in the current working directory.

More details at: [Upcoming] Preview Reporting before Deployment.


[Upcoming] dbt Cloud Integration (Holistics 4.0)

We will be focusing on dbt Cloud integration this quarter because some of our customers are using dbt Cloud and for now, we only support integration with dbt CLI version.

And some exciting UX updates :heart:

:sunny: September UX roundup - New improvements

Data Joke

Happy Halloween!

That’s all for our September. See you next month :heart:


Hi @di.hoang
I can’t see the Report Preview feature. Does it need to be activated on our side?
We’re on Holistics AML 4.0

@Abdel Oops! I forgot to add the [Upcoming] label to that feature. We’re launching it to the production, and will let you know when we have done our release :smile:

Is there a way to put a data alert on a previous period comparison variable added to a table chart? I only see the possibility for the created variables but not the comparison period ones, thanks.

Hi @Ricardo_Esnaola Nice to e-meet you!

If I understand correctly, you would like to set up a data alert that triggers when a comparison value meets a certain condition.
For instance, if you have a table with columns such as Date, Revenue, and Prev. Revenue, you could set up an alert with the condition “Prev. Revenue >= $1M”. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

If this is your situation, could you please provide more details about your use case? Specifically, it would be helpful to understand why you are interested in having this feature.


Hello - I was able to set up the alert with the sql editor. With two queries that had different periods and making a variance of both of those. Thanks.

Hi @Ricardo_Esnaola We are sincerely sorry for missing your message.

Currently, we do not have support for Data Alert for PoP comparison. However, our team has included it in our backlog for future implementation, and will inform you of its update.

In the meantime, you can upvote this feature using this link: Data Alerts for PoP comparison and Business Calculations - Feature Suggestions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :smiley: