☀️ September UX roundup - New improvements

Hi folks :person_raising_hand:, it’s Son from Holistics’ Product Design Team.

We hope your September has been great and joyful :tada:. This month, besides new features, we are also constantly focusing on improving our user experience.

Here’s a summary of what we’re rolling out. :sparkles:


  1. More powerful commit panel for Git-enabled flow: message input field now has a placeholder and you can collapse/expand files to see your changes faster. :partying_face:

  2. If you tried to create a new Dataset from the Reporting tab, we added a hint to help navigate you to the correct page to create one (hint: it’s the AML page).

  3. Tooltips for dashboard controls in reporting layer are now disabled right away when switching to Production mode.

  4. We improved the experience of creating a new file/folder: Add a placeholder and change the button text from “Submit” to “Add” for more specific.

Dashboards & Widgets

  1. You can now add descriptions for Widgets (like Dashboards) :sparkles:

  2. Keep the date drill popover focus when hovering over the widget’s resize handler.

  3. The height ratio between chart & labels is updated for better viewing in small size.

Viz settings & Filter

  1. Your browser now remembers the auto-run state option in Exploration. No need to choose autorun every time you open Holistics.

  2. We revise the way negative numbers with signs display from $-1234 to -$1234 so you can just understand at a glance.

  3. We add help text to ensure users allow third-party cookies in the Google Spreadsheet schedules.

  4. Clicking on a date picker won’t close the filter dropdown anymore.

  5. You can now close tutorial popovers when walking through app onboarding.

General App UX

  1. We will automatically replace Ctrl / Cmd in the help text based on your operation system.

  2. Update microcopy for “resetting password for a deleted account” email.

  3. We update the trial activation email to make it easier for new members to skim information.

  4. “Delete color palette” confirmation modal is updated for consistency.

That’s all for September! Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey :raised_hands:. Stay tuned for more exciting improvements in the upcoming months! :sunny: