Data Alerts for PoP comparison and Business Calculations

It is currently only possible to create data alerts for changes to predefined data alerts.
Most of our needs for data alerts are usually based on some ratio. I can currently set up data alerts for predefined ratios, but not for business calculations or the number being x % higher than last period.

My suggestion is to allow for creating data alerts based on a business calculation or comparison ratios like period over period comparison.

This will open up many more use cases for data alerts for us, and make data alerts much more powerful.

Here are some of my use-cases:

  • Our checkout flow is performing x% worse than last month → Send alert to product Owner
  • A user wants an alert based very specific ratio to his/hers work, that we don’t want to define as a metric.
  • We have reached 100% of our dynamic sales forecast goal for the month → Send alert to our General Slack channel.

Hi @mabr
Actually we haven’t had any plan to enhance our Data Alert yet; however, we will take note of your case and will let you know if there is any further update on it.

For anyone who also needs these improvements, please leave a vote :small_red_triangle: (and share more about your cases) so that we can prioritize our backlog better :wink:

I have voted for this feature as I believe it’s a great addition.

When the PoP functionality was first introduced we raised the need for %age changes, and I believe this is the natural next step.

As @mabr notes, absolute changes are sometimes not useful at all. Is a change in 5 ok? What about 10? It doesn’t have the same business context. However, as @mabr notes, a change in 50% which depending on the filtering etc. can be 5 or 1000 can be significant for a business.

Say for instance you want to measure the change in sales WoW. Sales can be seasonal so a drop/increase in 100 sales might be significant in Winter when your sales are lower but in summer this is a small change. You wouldn’t want the alert to fire on the absolute change, instead a 10% change would be a much better indicator and (from my experience) what businesses would be focussing on. Rarely do businesses look at the absolute due to external factors and seasonality.

I totally agree with your additional explanation.

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