Holistics July & August 2022 Product Updates

Hi everyone :raising_hand_man:t2:,

Let’s have a look at this July & August round-up, for some of the most exciting updates of late!

Community Highlights

Oh before we dive in, here are some cool topics on Holistics Community that we would like to share!

Ability to show/hide data points in Line Charts

From now on, you can flexibly show or hide the data points in your Line Chart. It will particularly help you display your discontinuous data points better.

Ability to Invite multiple users

Now you can invite multiple users, and assign them to proper user groups at the same time. More information here: Launched: Able to invite multiple users at the same.

Identify the selected fields in Viz settings more easily

We now highlight the selected fields, as well as add a pill showing the number of selected fields in that model in Viz settings, so that you can identify them more easily.

Preview Markdown File (Holistics 4.0)

We officially introduce the Preview Markdown file in Modeling 4.0!

The data team can create a markdown file to onboard new members and document their own data/business logic within the same context of their group of models/datasets.

More details at: Launched: Preview Markdown File.

[Upcoming] Preview Reporting before Deploying (Holistics 4.0)

In Development Mode, you will be able to preview how the Modeling layer’s changes apply to the Reporting layer before deploying them to production with confidence.

This is beneficial for you to:

  • Check out all reporting items (in development mode) in the current working directory.
  • See how they are affected/modified by the new AML changes.
  • Check for models, datasets, reports, and row-level permissions that depend on or can be affected by AML models being developed in the current working directory.

More details at: [Upcoming] Preview Reporting before Deployment.

And some exciting UX updates :heart:

Reporting experience

  • Date-drill dropdown is now disabled for Data tables & Pivot tables so that it will no longer appear inappropriately beneath them.
  • Allow users to add the widget description directly from Widget preference (without having to Edit the report)
  • Auto-run in Exploration is now remembered by the user’s browser.

AML & Modeling

  • When create Custom Dimension, the input is now validated right when users click outside the form, instead of having to delete all input for validation like previously.
  • We corrected the spacing between buttons in Import Model.

Minor updates

  • We allow users to press ENTER to submit the delete action confirmation when deleting in bulk action.
  • Make items with long names in the Favorite section to display in full.
  • Improve AML Studio UX.
  • Fix bug: Dataset doesn’t appear after creating.
  • Fix bug: UI pane not resizable in Preview mode - Modeling 4.0.

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That’s all for August.
Cheers! :beers: