Graph of object dependencies

Hi everyone!
As an admin on Holistics, something I am missing is a clear view on which holistics objects (data models, datasets) are used by which dashboards / widgets.
Would it be possible to add this? For instance at the dashboard level?

Hi @Jordan_Peltier
At the moment, we haven’t shown the graph of object’s dependencies explicitly in app yet. However, this request has been already in our backlog, and we will let you know if there is any further update on it.

For a workaround:

  1. You can send us a support ticket asking for the dependency list of specific models / datasets / etc. Then, our support team will ad hoc assist you with this request.
  2. We are gonna expose the API to get object’s dependencies next month. Once it’s released, you can get the dependency graph without waiting for our dependency feature.

Hope that we’ve answered your question :blush:


Hi @Jordan_Peltier

I’m glad to share that our team has recently released a new API to get object’s dependencies. You can read our announcement here for more information: Launched: API to get/delete objects and get object’s dependencies

Hope that it will partially solve your case :blush: