Embedded iFrame for Confluence

Is it possible to embed a Holistics iFrame within a Confluence Page?

In my naivety, I thought I might just be able to grab the iFrame URL, and add it to the Confluence iFrame object URL


But, it errors out…

Presume because it’s dependant on the accompanying embed code. Is there anyway around this? I’d love to be able to scatter a few reports in some of our confluence pages (and/or ClickUp, which also has an ‘add iFrame URL’ option)

Hi David,

From the screenshot you sent, I believe it’s because you used an incorrect token. The token must be generated from your secret code and settings, and filter’s values. You could use our sample code to generate these. The Iframe’s URL (to used in Confluence’s Iframe element) has this format: https://secure.holistics.io/embed/{{embed_code}}?_token={{token}}. We have a document to help user setup embedded analytics in our docs: Embedded Analytics | Holistics Docs

I tried to embed Holistics within Confluence Page and it works:

I hope my information could help you resolve your issue. Let me know if you still can not embed Holistics to your page.

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Yes you’re right, I was putting the wrong thing as the token in the URL! Generated a token correctly, and that now works - this is excellent!

Now…is there a way to grab a token to use from the Embedded Sandbox? I generated one by grabbing the python code, running it and grabbing the token as an output, but could there be an easier way to grab?