Terraform + Holistics

We are heavy Terraform users and we would love to integrate the Holistics user management in our CICD pipelines.

Did anyone tried to build an Holistics provider for Terraform?

Hii Francesco, welcome to Holistics community! @Francesco_Mucio

To make sure we understand you correctly, would mind sharing a bit more on your use cases for Holistics with Terraform? What are you trying to achieve with this combination?

Looking forward to your answer :slight_smile:

Mostly user management:

  • create/update/delete groups
  • create/update/delete users
  • setting up permissions and attribute values

Hi @Francesco_Mucio, thank you for sharing. I just found our past conversation regarding Terraform Provider. Could you help share more about the use case setting up permissions and attribute values?

Hi @Tai_Nguyen I just checked the documentation and it looks like it is not possible to set Attributes via API (it should), but we can still set attributes in a group (manually) and add users to these groups (via API/Terraform)

Hi @Francesco_Mucio, thank you for your input. Currently, we don’t have Set Attributes API but I will add this to our backlog and get back to you if there’s any update

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More information about the integration between Holistics and Terraform (in case someone wants to build it).
At the moment, Holistics partially supports the use cases by providing users with Holistics CRUD APIs and users can build their own Provider to perform CRUD Operations.

My post was more to check if anyone in the Holistics community had already built one, before start working on it :slight_smile:

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Hi @Francesco_Mucio ,
Regarding your request about set Attributes via API

We’re happy to announce that we just released user attribute management APIs. You can read more about it here: :closed_lock_with_key: Launched: User Attributes Management APIs or in our API doc

We hope this update is helpful to you and look forward to hearing any feedback you might have.