Open Beta: Job Performance Analytics Dashboard

Hello folks, hope that you are doing great!

Continuing the success of Usage Monitoring and committing to improving Holistics Performance,

Introducing Job Performance Analytics

We are thrilled to introduce to you our brand new Job Performance Analytics Dashboard :confetti_ball: :

Here are some example use cases for the Job Performance Analytics:

  • Find out the slowest Reports in a certain Dashboard of your Holistics workspace
  • Find out the slowest Dashboards in your Holistics workspace
  • Monitor and see whether your Holistics Job Workers are overloaded or not
  • Monitor your Dashboards’ performance after making optimizations to your SQLs or Data Warehouse

We believe this is the next big step in giving Holistics customers more visibility over their reports’ performance, in order to make necessary optimizations efficiently and effectively!

Current limitations

  • Dashboard 2.0, 3.0: All features of Job Performance Analytics are functional
  • Canvas Dashboard:
    • Functional: Jobs analytics
    • Not functional: Dashboard analytics, Report analytics

How to get access

To get access to the Closed Beta, please register your interest here: Job Performance Analytics Early Interest Form.

Then, based on Holistics’ capacity, we will pick out and grant Closed Beta access to eligible users.



Status Updates

  • Closed-Beta Holistics workspaces: 8
  • April 8th: Opened Beta for all non-canvas-dashboard workspaces

Introducing 2 new widgets for Blocked Jobs Analysis :rocket:

These widgets should be handy for you to identify whether

  • Your workspace-wise Workers are being overloaded/understaffed
  • Or your Report Jobs Per User Limit is too low
  • Or you need to optimize your jobs, if the neither Workers nor User Limit can be adjusted

For example, looking at the above screenshot,

  • I can see that my Embed queue often gets overloaded by 1 job → I will consider increasing my Embed Workers by 1
  • In the hour of 2024-03-12 02:00:00, 9 Embed Jobs were blocked due to the Embed Workers reaching their limit. → I will keep an eye on this issue and might need to dig deeper into the usage if this occurs again.
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Update: Job Performance Analytics Dashboard is now fully functional on Holistics 2.0 as well.

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Update: Now in Open Beta for all existing non-canvas-dashboard workspaces.