🎃 October UX roundup - 15+ improvements

Hi community!

We hope your weekend has been great. A few (maybe more than a few) updates going into the past month, including:

Reporting improvements

  1. We fixed the bug where the Dashboard Refresh’s popover overlapped below the left navigation.

  2. The separation border between the header and widget area in Dashboard went missing in the mobile view. We got it back.

  3. Fixed a bug where comments using “@” for tagging would highlight the whole sentence.

  4. In the Data Delivery modal, the tooltips of the “Single excel file” and "Multiple excel file” options are reversed. We switched them back :repeat:

  5. When creating a Data alert, the custom label of the field was not shown. We added them in so you can select the correct one easier.

  6. We improved the color picker’s interface for better clarity and easier to use.

  7. Removed a bug where the Dataset showed saving Relationship update successfully (when it actually wasn’t).

  8. Fixed a minor typo in the error message of our Condition :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  9. Allowed resizing the panels in the Dataset Exploration screen for Holitics version 2.0.
    Resizable panels

General app improvements

  1. Improved the searching mechanism of the user group when inviting new users.
  2. We removed a bug when clicking “Download” an exported file from the Notification display leaving tab confirmation in your browser.
  3. Improved the responsiveness of our Homepage & SSO sign-in page when viewing on mobile.
  4. Fixed a bug that prevented newly created reports from showing immediately on the left navigation.

Data Modeling

  • Added a link to our docs to help you find documentation easier when refreshing a Data Model.

And a bunch of other fixes and polishes. That’s it for this month. Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback, reported bugs, and helped us improve Holistics for you :confetti_ball: