🍁 November UX roundup - New improvements

Hello December! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! :christmas_tree::sparkles:
We’ve been jamming on some November UX updates and very excited to share with you. So here are 10 new UX/UI improvements that our team has been up to. Let’s dive in! :tada:

Reporting improvements

  1. We fixed a bug in dropdown where you couldn’t see field’s truncated full name. Now you can hover on any field to see its full name :magic_wand:

  2. Funnel charts that have labels at the bottom are no longer hidden partially.

  3. Fixed a small typo mistake in confirmation modal when deleting reports.

General UX & UI improvements

  1. Made a tweak to correct the selected state’s color of “Save Report & New Dashboard” modal’s dropdown items.

  2. Center-aligned the loading message when create new report from a Dataset.

  3. Unified field input’s width in Jobs Filter segment.

  4. In Settings, when using side menu to navigate between sections, section’s title got hidden. We adjusted the scrolling coordinates to fix that :clap:t2:


  1. Prevented the folder tree dropdown from auto-expanding & auto-focusing when creating new item.

  2. Updated branch’s name so that users can be aware that master branch is production branch.

  3. Timezone info and nearby buttons in Preview Panel are now always stick to the right edge of the screen.
    timezone dragging mockup_1_compressed

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the next update, folks :raised_hands:t2:. Thanks for being a part of Holistics community :green_heart:.