[Launched] Major Performance Optimizations to Dashboard Initial View

Hi folks, :wave:

This week, we are excited to announce a new set of Major Performance Optimizations to the Dashboard Initial View! :rocket:

Below is a demonstration of the results on a Dashboard with 60 charts.

Before the optimizations

Click to show/hide
  • When visiting a Dashboard:
  • When collapsing a Dashboard Widget:

After the optimizations (June 10th 2024) :racing_car:

  • When visiting a Dashboard:
  • When collapsing a Dashboard Widget:


For those who are interested in the technical details, here are the optimizations that we made:


  • We found some cascading effects that re-render all widgets upon certain changes in a single widget. Thus, we have made optimizations to eliminate, isolate, or minimize those cascading effects, so that each widget can efficiently load without affecting other components in the Dashboard.
  • We optimized the layout calculation algorithm so that it is faster and avoids layout shifts in the UI.


  • We added lazy and incremental loading to more parts of the Dashboard, making the loading more pleasant and do not block the browser.
  • We tweaked the loading animation so that it is smoother and easier on the eye.
  • We added loading skeleton to more parts of the Dashboard.


These optimizations improved the loading speed and experience when Holistics App is loading up and rendering the initial Dashboard view, which is the process from when a user clicks a Dashboard link up to when the widget components are rendered without the result data.

They do not affect the speed of executing queries of the reports. We have our (upcoming) Aggregate Awareness for optimizing that part. :wink:

p/s To make sure you get these newest optimizations, please refresh your Holistics page(s) on your browser.


We hope that these incremental optimizations have been making your Holistics experience better and improve your productivity. We will continue to work hard and deliver!

Cheers! :beers: