Launched: Impersonation Mode now supports viewing and editing private resources

New Use-case Supported

You can now view and edit your impersonatee’s private resources given that you have access permission to those resources in your original account.


Impersonators cannot edit anything in the private workspace of the impersonatees. They are allowed to access and view these items only.


  • If the impersonators are admins, they can do anything as if they were the impersonatees (with all of their privileges and abilities), including editing the private workspace.
  • If the impersonators are analysts, their permissions in the impersonatees’ accounts will be the intersection of their original permissions and the impersonatees’ permissions.
    For example, if analyst A is not allowed to view report X but the explorer B is, although analyst A impersonates the account of explorer B, analyst A is still unable to view report X.

Try the update now!

Admin and Analyst can go to Organization Settings > View and Edit as > Select the account that you want to impersonate:
Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 23.21.24