Giving admins permission to edit other users' dashboards/reports


My team and I think that it would be a good idea to allow the admins to edit any report in any dashboard in the tool.

This way, we can fix any issues or change the logic without having to rely on the user that built the report in the first place.


Hi @marcdmv ,
Admin role will have the highest level of permission over all of the items (models, datasets, reports, etc.) within your company account.
Just wondering which reports you don’t have access to? Are they inside Private Workspace of others?

I have access to the reports and dashboards, but I can’t edit anything. Not even the size and position of the reports inside a dashboard.

Hi @marcdmv,
If you are an admin in Holistics:

  • You can edit all items in the Public Workspace of your account. Nothing can prevent you from doing that.
  • You are not allowed to directly edit the dashboards/reports that are shared with you in the Shared Workspace, since they are private dashboard/reports of other members. In other words, when a member create a dashboard/report in his/her own private workspace and then share it with you, you’ll find it in your Shared Workspace but you are allowed to read it only.

However, if the dashboard/report owners are “analyst” or “explorer”, you can impersonate their accounts to make changes of that item: Impersonation Mode now supports viewing and editing private resources.
If the owners are other “admins”, you need to ask them to either move their dashboards/reports to the Public Workspace or help you change them.

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