⚡ Holistics April 2024 Updates

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Hello hello, friends of Holistics, how are you doing?

At Holistics, we believe in experimentation via codification.

You store your data work in a version control system. Everyone can experiment, try new things, make mistakes, learn from them, and bring out something new, something innovative for the entire organization.

This month, we make experimentation even more risk-free, turning analytics development with Holistics into a total no-sweat zone. Let’s dive in!

:video_game: Git Restore

When working with Holistics AML (Analytics Modeling language), have you ever found yourself in these situations?

  • You’re diving into Holistics, changing stuff to see what’s what. You changed something that broke some other things, it’s bad, and you wish you could hit an “undo” button.
  • You walk on eggshells, afraid of breaking things. Knowing there’s no “oops” button, you tread so lightly that you barely explore Holistics. Where’s the fun in that?
  • You decide to try out new ways of building metrics or modeling data. But things go sideways, and the only way back is a bunch of complex git commands. Urghh!

We know the struggle. To help you avoid these painful situations, we recently released Git Version Restore. You can roll back your AML project to any version you want, making exploration and innovation easy and less stressful!

For more information, visit our Public Doc Git Version Restore.

If you have any questions or recommendations for us, we’re all ears!

:art: New coat of paint for 4.0 modeling workspace

Our team has redesigned the entire Modeling workspace with an eye towards making it cleaner, simpler, more intuitive, and less cluttered - but no less powerful!

For more details, check out our Community post here: Exciting Update - Modeling 4.0 Interface Revamp!

:snowboarder:t5: Pivot table is now x2.5 faster

If you’ve noticed your pivot tables get snappier lately, no, you didn’t just get lucky. We’ve just released a new version of Table visualization, with x2.5 faster rendering speed.

And yes, we actually measured it.

See more details in our release note here: Launched: Improved Pivot table performance Holistics Community.

:zap: x4 faster Metric Sheet

Table and Pivot table are not the only visualizations to get a speed boost here.

We promised a faster Metric Sheet, and we delivered. Metric sheet is now x4 faster!

:gift: Customizable tooltip is now available!

Tooltips in Holistics are getting a little more context-rich.

From now on, you’ll be able to add additional fields, including measures, biz calculations, and AQL (Analytics Query Language) metrics to chart tooltips, bringing much more clarity to your audience.

See more details in our public doc here: Customizing Chart’s Tooltips

:train2: Other performance improvements

  • We have also improved our CDN (Content Delivery Network) and caching, boosting the speed of initial page loads.
  • We’ve also added a new Performance Troubleshooting Guide. Check it out.

:school: New to Holistics? Join our regular training sessions (free)

If someone just invited you to Holistics, we offer regular live training sessions to help you put Holistics to the best use. Each training session is 60 minutes long, and there are various time slots to accommodate different time zones. And oh it’s completely free of charge.

Interested? Find a slot.

P/S: Not intrigued? Here’s what the audience has been saying! :star2:

:man_artist:t5: April UX updates

Like always, we jazz things up with a bunch of new UX improvements to make your day-to-day work with Holistics even more delightful.

Here’s a UX highlight you might love:

  • You can now resize columns in the Pivot table, by simply dragging the right border of the header.
  • To make the column fit perfectly with its content, just double-click on that border.

Check it out here: 2024 April UX Roundup

Final words

That’s all for this month. If you’re curious about our upcoming direction, check out our Product Roadmap. If you’re interested in what we just released in the past few months, check out our Release Note.

Do you have any feedback for us? If you do, hit Reply and let me know.

I’ll see you again real soon!