External git (GitHub/GitLab) integration

What is this?

External git is 3rd party git service (like Github or Gitlab) where users keep a backup of their analytics project

After being set up, the External git repo will store all commits and contain all branches that users push from their own User repo

Use cases

  • Keep a backup version of your Analytics projects on your own Repository
  • Apply proper review process to your Analytics project (Pull Request on GitHub or Merge Request on GitLab)
  • Edit and modify your Analytics project locally (on your own code editor) and Push to Holistics via GitHub or GitLab
  • And so much more (Do let us know)

Great work team Holistics - can’t wait to upgrade from ‘local’ git to external.

If you already have a view of what the permissions structure will need to look like for the repo, do let us know so we can start talking to our platform / secops teams!

ps - use case I’m looking forward to is being able to quickly replicate entire folder structures and map to a different datasource - we have multiple data sources with similar structures. Cloning the repo locally, copy & paste, and then find & replace will achieve this in seconds!


Hi @Khai_To

Is this feature already available for preview enrollments?
Then we would like to enroll

Kind regards,

Hi @Abdel,
The feature is currently ready for beta testing. I will reach out to you via email later on to ask about your use case. Afterward, the feature will be enabled for your account.