Holistics January 2022 Product Updates

Time has come for our monthly round-up before almost everyone at Holistics unplugs to go celebrate the Lunar New Year with their families (yep, it’s happening in February). If you are also celebrating, we hope this new year brings you good fortune, peace, and prosperity.

With that being said, let’s get on with January’s updates.

Community Highlights

Here is our selection of community posts from last month. The community is an open door for everyone to share their suggestions, updates, tips, and use cases of Holistics. Feel free to give it a try.

Period-over-Period for Tables

Good news for those who asked for it: We have added Period over Period for Tables (with the % change!). Go to Visualization Settings, select Tables, and scroll down to enable Period over Period Comparison.

For more information about the Period over Period feature and its use cases, head over to our community post: Period over Period Comparison | Holistics Community.

Dashboard Styling

You may have noticed a few changes in all table styles recently. Our team is rolling out some new improvements to make our dashboards and reports look fresher and cleaner. You can expect some other changes in the next few months. When that happens, we’d be happy to receive your feedback on the new look.

New Timezone Settings for MySQL (beta)

You can feasibly change the timezone where your data is processed and displayed. For example, if your business operates in Singapore, you will likely want every calculation to be handled in UTC+08:00.

For more information, you can read our public doc here: Timezone Settings | Holistics Docs and Database Setup for Timezone Settings | Holistics Docs

Export multiple widgets into the same Google Sheets file- (coming soon)

This functionality means that users can choose to export only selected widgets in the dashboard into the same Google Sheets file. More practical, no?

Data Center: Auto-migration process- (coming soon)

This upcoming feature implies an auto-migration process to transfer data from the customers’ existing SG account to a new EU/US account.

External git integration (GitHub/GitLab)- (coming soon)

For now, users can only apply basic git operations to their analytics workflow (branching, commit, push, pull, resolve conflict) but the repository is managed totally by Holistics. With External Git integration, you can have a copied version of your analytics project on your own Repository (GitHub or GitLab) so that you can apply more advanced git operation to your workflow (for example, Pull/Merge Request for Data Integrity).

Data Joke

Q: “Where do you store your dad jokes?”

A: “in the dad-uh base”

That’s it for this month, we hope 2022 is treating you right so far!


Stoked for external git! Internal git has been super useful to us and improved our workflow, but being able to hook up to our own repo - and therefore edit the files externally - is going to be a fantastic enhancement.

Hope you and the team have a great break!

edit: thinking about it, it would be good to understand what the permissions structure for the repo will need to look like, so we can start having the appropriate conversations with our platforms teams


Hi @david-ri ,
I just created a separate post for External Git integration, you can check it out and make comments if any

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