Custom Charts Beta - Feedback Thread

Hi @tasha_launchcode, we have released a fix for custom chart parameter bindings form.
Could you please try again on your side to see if it ok now? Please note that you may have to handle chart size by yourself if you use bindings form in your custom chart

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Hi @kaid, thank you for keeping us updated! I can confirm that the fix allows the inputs to be displayed on the chart canvas, both with and without chart size adjustments. When a chart with inputs is larger than the chart canvas that is displayed, the canvas allows for scrolling to access the inputs at the bottom of the chart. So far I’ve tested this on the Chrome and Edge browsers, but you may need input from other users for any other supported browsers. Thanks again, to you and the team, for getting this up and running! This will be very helpful and awesome to use in our reporting. Other than that, we hope you have a wonderful weekend!