Allow user to see the full names of filter fields

I’ve got some fields with longer names in them (“Provisioning Version Major”, “Provisioning Version Minor”). When I try to add a filter, it’s truncating the fields so I can’t know which field I’m selecting until after I’ve selected it. It would help if the fields weren’t truncated - either adding a linebrake or at least a tooltip.

Thanks for this feedback @SterlingParamoreMSE!
Definitely, it’s sorta painful when you have some truncated field names here, and no way to see the relevant part at the far end.
Let me raise this with our team, to see if we can have some improvements on it soon. Thanks again for this! :muscle:t2:

I am in the same situation.

Since it makes the creation of a filter almost impossible if there are many fields with the same prefix, i would even consider this to be a bug.

Btw: This is almost the same case in the regular report builder. The behavior is even more strange there, since the truncated field names are suffixed with “…” but the area is scrollable or longer table names:

For me, on both cases, horizontal scrolling is not the solution. Choosing fields is the core functionality of the report builder (as well as filter creator) and should have much more space available.

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Definitely makes sense, @roman! Thank you for this feedback.

Good news is that we’re making some small improvements to this, in both Filter & Viz Condition drop-downs. And it’s likely to be available within the next 1-2 UX roundups.

Let me come back here with updates soon. Thanks :raised_hands:t2:

Hi @SterlingParamoreMSE and @roman, :raising_hand_man:t2:
Recently, we’ve released a fix for the Field select dropdown, where there’ll be a tooltip showing the full name when you hover on a field.
Also, we’ve fixed the horizontal scroll bug as well.

You can see more in our latest November UX roundup. Hope it helps!

Thanks again for letting us know about this.