[Upcoming] Preview Reporting before Deployment

What is Preview reporting before deployment?

Preview reporting before deployment is a feature we’re implementing to improve the workflow of Holistics 4.0. In the current version, users can turn on development mode, create a new branch, and edit and deploy new AML models. However, they cannot check how reporting items are affected, if there are any changes or broken items in the Reporting tab until after the models are deployed to production. This can lead to:

  • broken reporting items go unnoticed
  • downtime in reporting
  • unauthorized access to data due to broken row-level permissions caused by new changes in AML, etc

Preview reporting before deployment will solve all that. Users can now:

  • Check out all reporting items (in development mode) in the current working directory
  • See how they are affected/modified by the new AML changes
  • Check for models, datasets, reports, and row-level permissions that depend on or can be affected by AML models being developed in the current working directory

Quick Demo

Note that the above video is our drafted solution, the final design might be slightly different.

Normal user flow

  • Users turn on development mode in AML, development mode will be applied to the Reporting layer
  • When users click on Reporting tab, they can see all dashboards/reports generated from the current AML models being developed, as if they were already deployed to production.
  • When everything in Reporting (reports + filters + dashboards) is working as expected, users can now click Deploy to Production with higher level of confidence.

What does “Upcoming” mean? When is this expected to be available?