[Upcoming] Dashboard 4.0 with As-code and more

[Upcoming] Dashboard 4.0 with As-code and more

:tada: Great news!

Dashboard 4.0 with As-code is finally in development. Here is what it currently looks like:

Introducing Dashboard 4.0 with As-code ready

To give analysts full control over the content and design of dashboards, we are bringing new updates that transform your dashboard experience:

  • Canvas layout creates endless possibilites for customization:
    • Able to modify dashboard layout and background
    • Able to embed filters inside dashboards and put visualizations on top of each other
    • Able to adjust/control the dashboard size, scaling, and ensure size/aspect ratio when exporting.
  • Separating Edit and View mode so you don’t need to worry whether unpublished changes can affect the dashboard viewers
  • Software engineering best practices let you define a dashboard either using As-code syntax or Visual Editor and the ability to do version control (Coming soon)

With Dashboard as-code, we’re bringing software engineering best practices to the dashboard level.

Release Plan

This is just the beginning, but we’re eager to invite you along our development journey. Here’s a glimpse into our planned roadmap for Dashboard 4.0:

  • Phase 1: Dashboard 4.0 - As-code ready with full dashboard 3.0 functionalities
  • Phase 2: Dashboard 4.0 - Version Control with Git; Development Mode
  • Phase 3: New layouts, components, and more

Dashboard 4.0 with As-code is in active development and will be released to our beta users in a couple of months.
Updated: If you’re interested, kindly register here: Dashboard 4.0 with As-code Early Interest Form.

Happy reporting!

P/s: We had a lot of fun testing this feature. Our team was even able to whip up a Pokedex dashboard in just a few minutes.


is there any plan to open a Beta for interested parties (probably everybody here :slight_smile: )


Hi @Francesco_Mucio and all,

Great news! We’re planning a beta launch of Dashboard 4.0 with As-code in the coming months.

If you’re interested, kindly register here: Dashboard 4.0 with As-code Early Interest Form.

We appreciate if you share with us your intended use case this feature and how Dashboard 4.0 with As-code would fit into your current operations. Your input is invaluable as we shape the development of Dashboard 4.0 with As-code.

Cheers :love_you_gesture:


Cannot get over the Pokedex dashboard lol
This is way too cool! :star_struck: :clap: :fire: