Trying to build traffic funnel reports

Hey guys, I am trying to build traffic funnel reports. As you can see from the picture I have built one chart that has our different funnel stages listed in the rows and then the number of leads reaching each stage of the funnel as the chart values. There is also a column for each different facebook ad that we are measuring.

This is how I want that report to look and I did this using a pivot table quite easily.

Now beneath that, I am looking to measure the ratios of those figures but I want the table to vertical just like the one above. I have had to create custom measures to build the metrics but i can’t put them as rows in the table - this means I haven’t been able to build a vertical report.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

Does anyone have any examples of any similar reports built nicely using holistics?

I hope all that makes sense.

Many thanks,

Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting your question!

Could you take a look and confirm that this is what your desired report looks like?

Also, could you share the formulas of your custom measures?


hey Dat - yes, this is the kind of report I want to see!

The formula is the proportion of people that pass on from one stage to the next in the funnel.

For example, checkout from plans page CTR, is (number of people who reach checkout) / (number of people of reach the plans page).

Hope that makes sense. Thank you for the quick response!!

hi Dat, did my response make sense to you?

Hi @michael.mccann Thanks for your sharing. We really appreciate it!
At the moment, I’m afraid that there is no perfect solution for your case, except for using Transform model.
In the near future, if we support the ability to swap the table columns and rows, I believe it can help solve the issue :smiley: