Transpose between columns and rows in table/pivot table

Yesterday I saw Dmitry Sofiev’s question: Pivot Table > Present Measures as rows in pivot table and realized that I also had the same issue. When I work with a table (or pivot table) that has a lot of columns but a few rows, I’d like to swap its rows and columns to make it look nicer.

If you also want Holistics to support this feature, feel free to share your case and upvote :small_red_triangle: this topic :wink:


Often find that my end users want to see tables with columns being the date. Then each row is a different value. For example:


  • weeks


  • Sessions (format #)
  • Convert rate (%)
  • Revenue ($)
  • WoW change in Revenue (%)

The above (as far as I know) is impossible to do (with correct formatting) in Holistics.

In Holistics, using Pivot Table I can only do this with rows and columns reversed… I wish I could just click on ‘transpose’ button under Format, then it would just flip the rows and columns for me.