Trendlines in line charts

Are there no trendline options in line charts or am I just missing it?

Unfortunately, the trendline option is not available yet :crying_cat_face:

I have converted this to a feature suggestion so other people can vote and share their use cases as well.

ps: I’m asking engineers whether we can achieve this with Vega-Lite Custom Chart Regression | Vega-Lite

Custom charts is/will be a powerful feature, but things like trend lines should absolutely be added to the ‘out the box’ charts … please don’t fall down the trap of not maintaining/building upon standard chart options because of the availability of creating custom charts - this will really hinder adoption from users.

(I’d put things like having Histograms and Box&Whisker plots in the same category - they’re things people expect to be able to achieve when they use a BI / data visualisation tool)


Thanks for sharing, definitely these options should be included in the standard charts.

My suggested approach is merely a workaround. However, the Vega-lite Custom Chart is also being tested as our future chart engine. When it becomes more stable, we will switch the current engine to Vega-lite, which will allow the default charts to have more customizations by default.

Yeah i’m playing with the vega-lite holistics beta as there is a regression statement but I’m just not familiar with it enough yet to get it working. If there’s a sample that gets implemented anyone knows of please share.