Support datetime formating in AML

It looks like Holistics only supports formatting of numbers and dates. I would also like to be able to format my datetimes.

I have tried applying a date format to a datetime field, but it is not recognized in preview mode.

Hey @SterlingParamoreMSE! Apologies for my late reply.

Sure thing! Lemme raise it with the team to see if we can support this anytime soon. Will get back to you for updates.
copy @Khai_To on this, too :muscle:t2:

Hi @SterlingParamoreMSE,

We’re working on improving our Data Format. Would you mind share with us about your specific use case and the desired formatting for the datetime fields?

I believe this is NOT an intended behavior. Do you still encounter this issue?

There’s no format option to format timestamps during dataset exploration:

The docs don’t even specify how to format timestamps: Date Format | Holistics Docs

I would want to be able to format some timestamps like “June 26, 2023 07:49 am”