Simplify switching between developer environments

We have a team of dbt developers. We use Snowflake. Each developer can build dbt models in their own isolated Snowflake database. When we want to test out model changes in Holistics, it’s a bit of a pain. The procedure is:

  1. Set up a new data connection that is specific to the developer and points to their developer database.
  2. Write AML code, but set the data_source_name parameter to the developer connection.
  3. Test the new model and go through the code review process.
  4. Change the data_source_name parameter back to the production connection.
  5. Merge the changes.

In my ideal world I be able to set up one developer connection that could be parameterized during AML development (e.g., change the database name or the warehouse). Then I could also choose to develop AML against my parameterized development data connection. This would reduce the number of data connections I have to set up and maintain, and wouldn’t require devs to remember to switch back-and-forth between changing the data connection during development.

This is a long discussed problem, since I joined the Holistics community 2 years ago. I didnt see any significant progress on that