Save usage monitoring statistics in data warehouse

The new usage monitoring dashboards are great! However, I wish I could look back further than 180 days and create customized usage monitoring dashboards. One easy option might be to make it possible to write the detailed data to our data warehouse that we already have connected to Holistics.

Glad to have your suggestion, @SterlingParamoreMSE :beers:

Early on we’ve had some internal discussions about this, but decided that a pre-built view like the current Usage Monitoring dashboard would be the most feasible for now.
That said, totally agree with you that supporting users with access to their raw usage data would be a pretty neat addition. And right now we’re on the lookout for such needs.

Out of curiosity: are there any further analysis, or other usage metrics that you would like to see? Also, how long back the data are that would be ideal for you?

I’m trying to figure out which dashboards might be better off as dashboards embedded in an internal Google Site rather than requiring users to log in to Holistics. I believe I could determine this by finding all of the users that only view dashboards and do not use datasets or the Explore functionality. Then find the dashboards they use and move those to embedded.

Another question I’d like to be able to answer is finding all the users who have no activity in the last N days but were created more than M days ago.

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