Paste List from clipboard into Filter list


Would love to be able to be able to paste either a tab or comma separated list into the filters and have them be able to auto split my past for multiple ins.

See example from Looker.

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Thanks, @Xing, that’s a good suggestion for your Filter Revamp project, @tuan.nguyen


Agreed this is a good feature. In old Holistics 2.0 version (SQL-based reporting), we have a concept called List Input Filter which I think is exactly this. Do you think this fits what you’re looking for?


Just sharing, the email schedule feature allows users to paste multiple recipients, it’s something we can replicate, I guess

Just to add to this, we have users asking for this functionality as well now. They are very keen to do this and it would greatly help their workflow as they on-board to Holistics.


Well-noted! Thanks for sharing, @DataGeekDude.
Let me discuss with the team about raising the priority for it. Cheers!