No simple way to display "share of total"? (4.0)

Hey there,
I am stumped that I cannot find an easy way to allow users to calculate/display a share of total.
I expected there to be either
a) a default “aggregation type” when building the viz (similar to SUM)
b) a way to calculate the share via business calculation

a) does not exist
b) seems to be lacking the functionality (no suitable function / Holistics expression to calculate the overall, ungrouped total) or throws an error when I try to sum a measure like in Looker (nested aggregation)

I do not want to build table models as suggested in the docs because that approach is too static and basically requires to prep all metric & dimension combination in that way.
Creating a custom measure or dimension with sum(field) over () also does not work because of the way the query gets compiled.

Am I missing something here?

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