Multiple users collaborating on the same dashboard / transfer of dashboard ownership

Hi team,

Looking for some advice on best practice when it comes to users collaborating on a dashboard together.

We have a set up where we have

  • 2 Admins, and all other users are Explorers.
  • We have no users with the Analyst role.
  • We have dashboards in our shared workspace that we only want our 2 Admins to be able to edit.
  • We have different teams wanting to collaborate on dashboards with multiple users.
  • Most of our dashboards are created on top of one extensive dataset that holds most of the important company information.

Is there any way that two Explorers can work on the same private dashboard, or pass the ownership of the dashboard between them.

It’s not clear to me whether private dashboard ownership can be transferred and what the process is. I have hunted through the documentation but can’t find anything that suggests it’s possible to transfer the ownership of a dashboard, or to invite in another Explorer as a read and write collaborator.

I could move this dashboard into the shared space and make these Explorers have the Analysts role, but then it appears they have the power to update other dashboards I do not want them to edit. Many of our dashboards are built off the same underlying model. Is there a way to limit Analyst access to some dashboards based on a dataset, while allowing the Analyst to change other specific dashboards?

Any advice gratefully received as I feel we’re missing something in our setup here.


Also facing this problem.
Looking forwards for this ownership transfer feature too.