🌤️ May UX roundup

Greetings! :wave:t2: :potted_plant:

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re excited to announce some new UX improvements. Here are a few of the things you’ll notice:


  1. Previously the Format select value DD Month, YYYY did not match the rendered result values, which is Month DD, YYYY. We updated the Format select value to correctly reflect the result.

  1. In Business Calculation, the suggestion select sometimes disappears when the text cursor is placed near the right border of the query area. We have fixed this issue and now the suggestion select is always fully visible.
  2. The close [x] button at Save Report modal is now working normally again.
  3. We released a new flow with UX improvements for applying Conditions.

General UX/UI improvements

  1. The bug where the input text is dislocated upwards is fixed.
  2. We make sure the select’s items are no longer gets overflowed when their text is long.
  3. Somehow the function recommendation dropdown got overlapped in Query Model, we fixed it.
  4. In the Data Modeling 3.0 version, a little space was added between the icon and text of Data Model items to unify the style with other areas.


  1. In Data Import 2.0 version, we updated the doc URL to link to the correct docs version.
  2. We improved the error message for Snowflake Data Source connections. The original message was too technical, so we made it more user-friendly and informative. This will help users troubleshoot issues more easily.

We hope you find these new improvements helpful. :sparkles: :rocket:

We appreciate your feedback! Thank you for using Holistics! :ok_woman:t2: