Make the section of the filters disappearable

I recommend if we can make the section of the filters in the dashboards disappearable …
Example … I have many filters in my dashboard and I need to create a lot of filters too … So the sction of the filters take all my screen … Mabey we put a button to close and open this section or if you can make it dragged and dropped …


Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Thank you for the suggestion! Definitely understood, and I think it would be a good improvement to our dashboard.

Matter of fact, we are working on some capability in our underway Dashboard As-code, where your filters can be unfixed from the top panel, or positioned in the dashboard itself.
See more here: [Upcoming] Dashboard 4.0 with As-code and more.

Please stay tuned for it. And do let me know if you have further questions about this.

Just want to clarify so I don’t miss anything, @Hamza_rashed,

You meant that when having lots of filters on a dashboard, the filters section on its own would occupy a big chunk of your dashboard, like in the image below, right?

Yes, Exactly … Because for now I have created around 23 reports inside the dashboard and each report has 2 or 3 filters which mean I have now 50 - 60 filters … And I need more

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Thanks for confirming, Hamza. And duly noted!

Interesting use-case that you have 2-3 filters specifically for each widget.
I imagine it would make a lot more sense to be able to drag and drop each filter near the related widget, as you suggested → This is directly tackled by the Dashboard As-code’s layout I mentioned above:

Will be sure to give you a heads up once it’s here :+1:

Would it solve your issue, @Hamza_rashed? Or it would still be more ideal for you to keep the filters on the top panel, but make that panel able to hide/collapse?