Launched: Webhook Destination for Data Alert (Beta)

Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to announce that Holistics now supports Webhook Destination for Data Alert, an enhancement to Holistics Delivery capability. With this, you can quickly set up automated workflows for critical internal communication, like:

  • Sending alert messages to the Purchasing team’s Telegram when inventory runs low, or
  • Buzzing the marketing team on Slack when ad spending goes over the limit.

For additional information and setup instructions, visit our documentation.

We have a practical use case example that demonstrates how to send a message from Holistics Data Alert to Telegram via Zapier. You can explore this here: Tips & Tricks: How to send a message to Telegram from Holistics Data Alert via Zapier

We trust that this new feature will empower your data-driven decision-making and boost your productivity. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new feature! Please share your feedback either in the comments below or through our in-app Feedback form.