Launched: Shareable Links API Package

Hi everyone!

Super excited to tell you that we’ve just rolled out our Shareable Links API package! :rocket::sparkler:

:point_right: Give it a go: Shareable Links API Package | Holistics Docs.

What does it do? :astonished:

Generally speaking, this API package allows you to automate your entire Shareable Links workflow, which is CRUD a sharable link and its configurations, i.e. password, data restriction, expiration date, filter, etc.

When does it come in handy? :thinking:

Say your business needs require you to create different shareable links from a dashboard, for different external viewers. Each of these has different filters, or data restrictions, or title or whatnot…We all know how boring it can be to do this manually on UI.
Would be nice if you can build an app where you, or even better - the viewers themselves, can type in the configs, hit run and got a shareable dashboard ready to use… → That’s where this API comes in :100:

Hope you find it helpful. Cheers! :beers: