Launched: Period-over-Period for Tables and Pivot Tables

Hi all,

Recently we’ve supported Period-over-Period (PoP) for both Tables and Pivot Tables.
Just toggle it on to use it instantly!

This feature also comes with an option to display the “% change” explicitly on a column, which helps your team evaluate the performance between the periods more easily.

:v: Tip: You can use our Sort function to quickly identify the item with the most significant change over time.


Neat feature, however it really needs to be an option to select what columns should be displayed as a POP measure in the pivot. A simple 5-column pivot showing key aggregates on measures will otherwise explode into an unnessarily wide table, often with some irrelevant POP-measures.


I agree with @Olle_K that a little more flexibility with regards to PoP in tables (and graphs for that matter, e.g. Plot PoP change in graphs). It’s also not possible to change the number of decimals displayed in the percentage change (neither for tables nor graphs). This really limits the functionality when the absolute sizes are large since sub-integer percentage changes can be large in absolute values (changes in yearly revenue or total customers for example) while the table shows them as being equal. An extra decimal or two would really help in that regard.