🧾 Launched: Git integration



With all of the analytics logic being described as code using AML, it is natural to be able to check them into a revision control system such as Git.

With Holistics’s Git Integration, your Holistics codebase is now powered by Git. You can track every change, perform code branching, change reviews for a better analytics development workflow.


  • Version Control: Track and manage every analytics logic change.
  • Isolated Environment: Develop your work in a branch to avoid affecting other people. Deploy only when you’re confident.
  • Code Review (Merge Request): Have someone else double check your code before deploying to production.
  • Code Backup: Back up your analytics logic into a seperate repository for backup purpose.

How it works

From the user’s perspective, the workflow follows a simple 3 steps:

  • Create branch: User creates a new branch (in their User Repository) to start their development.
  • Make changes & commit: User makes their code changes and commit (to User Repository). It is then pushed automatically to System Repository.
  • Deploy: Once happy with the changes, user presses deploy to production. Their code will then pushed to System Repository’s master branch (production branch). Live reports and dashboards are updated with the new code logic.

Note: Git integration is only available on Holistics 4.0 version (Holistics as-code).

Integrate with your own Github repo today!

See more information & guidance in our doc: Git Version Control.

Update - May 2024: Beta program has ended. Git Integration is officially released.


Hello, a very interested user here! Any recent updates on when the beta will be made available :)?

Hi @jefflee, we have just created this form for git integration early access requests. Please fill out the form, and someone from our git integration team will reach out to you shortly.

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Hi @anthonytd , I just completed the form. Thanks!

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