Launched: Data Alert API Package

Hey there!

We just released our super-cool Data Alert API package at Holistics! This package helps you fully configure the alerts for specific data events. They include:

  • CRUD Data alert
  • Submit test data alert
  • Immediately trigger data alert

We created a tutorial on how to create a data alert via API, which you can find at Create Data Alerts using API. You can also access all API data alerts at Data Alerts API Package.

Imagine getting real-time notifications every time something noteworthy happens with your data. It’s like having a little data watchdog keep an eye on things for you. It’s pretty awesome, so give it a try and let us know what you think!


Hello, is it possible to use this as a workaournd for this Data Alerts for PoP comparison and Business Calculations - #3 by DataGeekDude ?

Do you have any hint how get the final notification to Slack?

Thank you.