📣 Holistics August 2023 Product Updates

Hello hello, our Holistics people :wave: !

September’s here! Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? Can’t believe summer is over already, it felt like I just blinked in June and here we are. (Maybe it’s because we’re too busy shipping out features :slightly_smiling_face:)

To our American pals, I hope your Labor Day barbecues were sizzling and scrumptious, and I hope you still have room on your plate because we’re serving up a fresh platter of product updates!

But before going further, we have something exciting to share.

:small_airplane: We’re going to dbt Coalesce (San Diego)

We’ll be flying over 20 hours from Singapore to attend dbt Coalesce (San Diego) next month, and we’d love to meet you there. :slight_smile:

Here’s our team traveling to San Diego. But probably not in a spaceship.

If you’re also attending, come say hello and talk data with us! Let’s chat about the latest trends, exchange some cool data stories, or just have an all-around good time over cool beers and fish tacos. :beer: :taco:

Oh, we bring gifts! Think of it as our way of saying thanks for your awesome support :love_letter: . And trust me, you won’t want to miss out.

If you’re attending and want to meet up with us, leave your email (or just reply to this email) and we’ll set something up.

See you in San Diego.

:hook: Pushing data alerts to your own apps with Alerts Webhook

We believe that data should inform action and the faster you can act, the better. This is exactly why we are working on Webhook for Data Alert - a major upgrade to Holistics Delivery capability.

With this, you can quickly set up automated workflows for critical internal communication, like:

  • Send alerts to Purchasing team on Telegram about low inventory
  • Buzz marketing team on Slack when ad spending goes over the limit.

Webhook for Data Alerts is expected to hit your workspace in the next 03 weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have any feedback for us, feel free to reply to this newsletter :slight_smile:

:robot: Curating the self-serve experience of data consumers with Dataset Views

Is there a way to customize what fields in the model and dataset are being shown to end users for self-serve exploration? Otherwise, my users are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fields available

Yes, we heard you. Custom Dataset Views is now officially available, allowing analysts to easily re-order, group, and hide fields and models for a better self-service experience.

We’ve launched this feature for a little while and our early users love it. Here’s a peek at what they’ve been saying:

“We have huge datasets so this has been a game changer for our users. They just use the view we design for them and don’t get lost or confused anymore!”

I’m excited for you all to get your hands on this :slightly_smiling_face:

:yarn: Building dashboard as code (coming soon)

Excited to share with you a sneak peek at our upcoming dashboard as code!

With dashboard as code, we’re bringing software engineering best practices to the dashboard level: You have full control over the content and design of your dashboards, easily revert changes, make bulk updates, or have customized and repeatable graphs everywhere.

:bento: Comparing two custom date periods

Our PoP has been a hit with our users since it reveals data trends just 03 clicks, but things got a lot more laborious when you want to compare:

  • Sales for ‘Black Friday’ this year to last year, or
  • Webinar registrations now versus six months ago

The problem? Two arbitrary time periods. Different start dates. Different end dates.

:drum::drum: Glad to share that this is a problem of the past! With our newly released Custom Period, you can easily select any date range for Period-over-Period comparison. Learn more here.

:space_invader: Detecting broken reports after modeling changes

What makes a good coding IDE? Among other things, it helps you spend as little time on troubleshooting as possible.

With Reporting Validation, you take the guesswork out of your modeling workflow. Holistics IDE now tells you exactly which reporting items are broken and lets you patch up all those broken reporting items swiftly and en masse.

:alarm_clock: Query Timeout now supports most SQL databases

Query Timeout aborts overlong queries to help you save time and resources. Previously in Holistics, it was just for Postgres, Redshift, and MySQL in Holistics.

Understanding the importance of resource optimization - especially in our current economic climate - we’ve added Query Timeout support for BigQuery, Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server, ClickHouse, and AWS Athena.

Learn more here.

:green_salad: Reduce waiting time by preloading dashboards with API

We totally get it - feels like time’s standing still when you wait for a dashboard to load.

We know loading screens is a pain, so we introduced Dashboard Preload API. Now, your favorite/critical dashboard can load instantly by preloading the cache.

This means no waiting time - not even enough for a quick coffee break :slight_smile: Learn more here.

:school: New to Holistics? Join our regular training sessions (free)

If someone just invited you to Holistics, chances are you still get lost here and there, and have some difficulty navigating the platform and getting the data you need.

Great news: We offer regular live training sessions to help you put Holistics to the best use. Each training session is 60-min long, and there are various time slots to accommodate different time zones. And oh it’s completely free of charge.

Here’s what you can expect in the session:

  • For Business Users: How to navigate, create, and share dashboards, including customizations and collaboration with data teams.
  • For Data Team: Best practices for data modeling, dataset creation, Git version control, and implementing data governance including access control, row-level permissions, and sharing options.

Interested? Find a slot.

P/S: Not intrigued? Here’s what the audience has been saying! :star2:

:art: August UX updates

Like always, we jazz things up with a bunch of new UX improvements to make your day-to-day work with Holistics even more delightful.

Check out our latest UX Update here: 2023 August UX Roundup.

A Meme A Day Keep Troubles Away

Show yourself, who are you? :slight_smile:

(Credit: Julia Evans)

Final words

That’s all for this month. If you’re curious about our upcoming direction, check out our Product Roadmap.

Do you have any feedback for us? If you do, hit Reply and let me know.

I’ll see you again real soon!