Webhook for Data Alert

Hey guys,
Just bringing this up again to ask you guys, so we may re-prioritize it in the upcoming months :thinking::

  • How much do you need webhook for Data alert?
  • Which channel would you/your team like to set it up for?

Yes, this is critical to reduce workflow effort.

Currently, we have to do the following to leverage Holistics alerts in our company workflows:

  1. Set up an email data alert
  2. Have that email address checked by our Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) - (in our case this is Integromat/ Make, but many people use Zapier)
  3. Process the text in the email to extract the information (this is the majority of additional effort + makes it unreliable)
  4. Connect it to our other systems to ensure its tracked/ actioned with our standard processes

Webhooks with variables being able to be directly sent would remove a lot of the work here.


This would be very useful for us as well as we use Mattermost for all internal communications.
We could leverage a webhook to integrate Holistics and Mattermost.



For clarity, this is what we’re talking about here: