Extend a model?

Hi is it possible to extend a model for the sake of reuse?

For example, I want to make two datasets:

  • one for self service with limited number of fielda
  • one for power users with a lot of fields (that extends the limited one)

With extending, we want to avoid repeating the same logic, and maintaining it just once.

Hi Abdel,

I wonder if this can be solved with this feature request too? Add Folders in Datasets to group Fields

Basically the ability for admins to customize the model’s field list at the dataset level, so that admin can curate the list of fields shown to end users for each dataset for ease of data exploration.

hi @huy
No it can’t. Extend model is same as this

Hi @huy
I slightly read your post too quick.
It could make sense indeed to use that feature, but it would require also to hide some fields from specific user (groups). That would bring us more towards column level security.

The Extend functionality looks much simpler to me to be fair