Exciting Update - New Custom AQL Field builder UI! (Coming soon)

Hello Holistics Community :wave:

We’re all excited about the potential of AQL and metric-centric thinking, but we also understand the complexities involved in constructing, testing, and debugging AQL within Holistics, which is why we’ve honed our focus on improving the AQL field builder process. Our goals include:

:fast_forward: Creating a more efficient feedback loop from metric creation/editing to validation and results.

:zap: Enhancing your development experience through faster validation, improved code suggestions, and reducing unnecessary steps or input

We’re excited to introduce an initial prototype featuring a user-friendly, flexible, draggable, and uncluttered pop-up UI. This is designed to expedite your ability to create, edit, test, and debug metrics.

Understanding that metric building is an iterative process, we aim to make modifications, validations, and repetitions simpler and more seamless for you:

This feature is planned for release at the end of May 2024.

We value your feedback as we continue to refine this improved metric building process and its design components. Please don’t hesitate to share any thoughts or suggestions you have as we move forward with this exciting project.