Enable/Disable cross filtering on a report level

I like the option for cross-filtering, but we often want to disable it for some reports.

This is usually something we want to do, when we have a table with links, that people click on. This leads to the feature being annoying and we often just turn it off.

My suggestion is, that you add an option to widget preference, where you can disable/enable it for the individual report.

I would still like the option to set cross-filtering for the whole dashboard, but this should be treated as the default setting, which can then be changed within each individual report.

If the report has been disabled from cross-filtering I would still like it to be filtered if I click on another report that is enabled. It should just be the input on that report that is disabled from cross-filtering other models.

I hope the problem and solution makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi @mabr,

I think your use case indeed makes sense Martin. I have a dashboard with a metric (Total revenue) where I don’t want it to be filtered by any other reports or filters.
For now, we don’t have a solution for it but I will add this to backlog for future improvement.

In the meantime, it would be great if you could share about the kind of report where you don’t want to apply the cross filtering so that I can support you better.

Hi Khai
Here is an example:

I have a dashboard that our marketing campaign managers use to look at sales performance during campaigns.

It contains a number of graphs like this:

When they click on one of the markdown intervals, I want everything to be filtered on the dashboard.

But they also have a table like this, with a lot of HTML links:

When they click on the links in this table I don’t want things to be filtered, as they click a lot on the links. Since being able to click on links is more important for us, I always disable cross-filtering when I include a table like that.

I also like your idea about having some graphs that does not get updated by cross-filtering

I see, this makes sense indeed. Let me check this with my team and get back to you later.

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